18. April 2018
Alex Grzankowski

Titel: Contents and What It Takes To Have Them
Raum: IG 1.314
Datum: 18. April
Uhrzeit: 16 – 20 Uhr

To understand what contents (propositional and otherwise) are, we need to consider what role they play in our theories (and my focus will be on their role in theories of mind). A crucial question that has not received adequate attention is, „What is it for something to *have* content?“. In the first part of the talk, I propose a provisional answer to this question that many theorists should find agreeable and which helps us resolve some pesky puzzles. But with an understanding of having content in mind, we are in a position to say what contents are. In the second part of the talk I will provide a very general approach to content that captures both propositions and contents of other kinds.